Competition Excellence - The winners of the 3rd Cup - 2012

Contest Results elegance Friday, August 31, 2012, Esplanade Dewaere Patrick

  • Excellence Award: Philip and Delphine Briouze (Junior and Mr. Briouze ...), limousine Panhard & Levassor 6CS 1931
  • Class postwar sports: François and Lucienne Trace, CG Spider A1000 1968
  • Class postwar tourism and prestige Shave Pierre and his large family, Citroen ID19 break 8 seater 1971
  • Class before War: Isabelle and Thierry Wurtz-Mouraud, Morgan 3 wheeler Darmont-1923
  • Fair Play Award: David and Penny Biggins, Nazarro Tipo 3 Corse 1913
  • Price of the most elegant crew: Jean-Luc and Martine Dubois, Jaguar XK140 Coupe 1956