The Armor Automobile Trophy

Thus in 2000 we organized the Ist Brittany Trophy Rally Armor History, on the open road regularity race reserved for sports tend to vehicles, which will include demonstration Trophy ADERH (association for the development of historical regularity tests, national in 2003) with an international rally and presence of competitors from all over France, Belgians, Swiss, UK etc.

This rally will then integrate the TROPHY History REGIONSof FRANCE (THRF) until 2012 before ceasing the fault of binding legislative directives and by the weariness of the organizers.
In 2003, the ATA will relaunch the legendary race of Côte St Gouéno which counted between 1969 and 1983 the championship of France of the Mountain and 2 times for the European Championship.
We have relaunched for 2 years with only historic cars, as the "UP HISTORY OF SAINT Gouéno" before seeing back with this pulsegiven by the ATA, the final of the Coupe de France FFSA hillclimb.

Since 2005, this event is held in conjunction with FFSA round of the championship of France of the Mountain, late May, early June.
In 2001, at the request of St-Brieuc Enterprises, ATA partnering with ABVA (Breton Association of Vintage Vehicles) René ALBA and the Association of Ferns Country Heritage (APPF) Patrick ROLLET, restarts the Florio Cup 1927.
Each association has itsown organization:

  • ABVA with the assistance of the APPF: the contest of elegance
  • ABVA: The Tourist Rally
  • ATA: Coast Racing regularity Florio Cup.

The ATA also aims to revive the industrial past of Saint-Brieuc and its region in the automotive field. More particularly think of Lucien Rosengart and factories to the port of Bequeathed and Louis Harel of Noah, tireless builder, bridge architect who originally were intendedto "train Northern Coasts" which became pat on for many of them of the roads.

I am originally from the President and am proud with all the volunteers and members of our association to be able to carry out all these projects, which have enabled our department to do more to know through events organized and recognized on the National level.
H Hardel