Coupe Florio

Lucian Rosengard & cutting Florio

Cup was created by Florio Vincenzo Florio (center of the photo holding the watch). This wealthy Sicilian aristocrat is passionate about cars and firmly believes in the future of the automotive industry. He knows that the best way to promote this new means of transportation through racing.

Thus, in 1904, he organized in Italy, a race binding Brescia, Cremona and Mantova. Pilots must perform2 laps of the circuit of 186 km. The race, called "Florio Cup", was won by Vincenzo Lancia driving his Fiat.

Then, in 1905, he created a challenge on 7 races, he called again, "Florio Cup." This challenge is both a race and a regularity race. The automaker won the largest number of victories over all seven races is so named winner of the "Florio Cup", the rewardis a sculpture (photo) worth 100,000 francs designed by Parisian artist Polak.

Cutting Florio is not held every year. 4 races were held between 1906 and 1914. Then, when the First World War broke out, the race stops. In the end, in 1924, 18 years after the first edition, to place seventh and final race of the challenge. However, at the end of the seventh race, no manufacturer canclaim "Florio Cup." Indeed, each of the seven races was won by a different manufacturer.

It was decided in 1925 to organize an eighth and final race to award the winner of "Florio Cup." André Boillot, aboard his Peugeot wins this eighth edition. Peugeot is then the winner of "Cup Florio" much to the chagrin of Bugatti, a close friend of Vincenzo Florio.

The story couldhave ended well. But Lucien Rosengart (photo), director at Peugeot and aware of the importance of motor racing for the brand, convinces Robert Peugeot, somewhat reluctant at first to put the cup in. The cup will be the best yet won 7 races . However, Lucien Rosengart requires a change in size. Indeed, cutting sailed far only Italy is now held alternately in Italy and France.

Cup will run in Britain!

Cup will run in Britain!

The first race of the second challenge takes place in Sicily. the next will take place in France. At the same time the daily Ouest Eclair (Editor's note: Today Ouest-France) is a French organization wind cutting.
The newspaper knows that lucien Rosengart is Managing Director of Peugeot and it is also in love with the Côtes-du-Nord and Honorary President of the Automobile Club of department. Therefore Lucien Rosengart, Dr.Perigois, President of the Automobile Club, West defended Bolt's bid to host Saint-Brieuc this second edition. Despite strong competition from Doubs, Robert Peugeot supports,is Saint-Brieuc is named.

13 km for Bugatti, Peugeot, Aries, Salmson, Talbot, Lorraine-Dietrich

13 km for Bugatti, Peugeot, Aries, Salmson, Talbot, Lorraine-Dietrich

The circuit of 13 km, forming a triangle linking Gouédic, and Yffiniac Cross Gibat is a comprehensive system that allows drivers to use their entire science of piloting phases of positive and negative acceleration.
22 out of 27 are engaged in the race at the wheel of their Bugatti, Peugeot, Aries, Salmson, Talbot, Lorraine-Dietrich, etc ...
In the stands, a huge crowd, over 200 000 people, is encouraging pilots and many personalitiesBokanowski as Mr., Minister of Commerce, or the Count Manzoni, Italian Ambassador in France, attending the show. Laly on Aries 3000 CC won the Cup edition of Florio Brieuc in 4 hours 11 minutes and 29 seconds at an average of 96.144 km / h.

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